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A Community of People, Resources and Activities that Support Personal Re-Energizing.

Cleveland, OH, August 04, 2015 --( Happiness Hangout is a space that was created to help others enhance their well-being and a place where people can come to feel their best. People differ in what makes them happy so this space includes: an interactive blog which explores life’s issues and how to manage them, various readings, happiness research, many individual and group activities, workshops and more.

This website is a place for participants to gain energy, relax but most of all have fun. Research says that more than half of a person's happiness is determined by genetics, according to Dr. David Lykken, author of “Happiness: It’s Nature and Nurture.” However, it has been determined that people can still pursue happiness. After all, there is still almost half of the happiness equation that is still left up to each individual. Oprah did a survey to thousands of people in the audience asking how many were in some sort of spiritual, physical or emotional pain. 77% votes in the affirmative.

Included in

· Happiness and well-being resources-on-line courses, articles, books, gratitude activities, positive psychology surveys for personal learning and growth and much more.
· Happiness thru interacting with others- blogs, polls, thoughtful questions with participant feedback.
· Happiness: need some right now resources.

Now there is a place that’s open 24/7 to help live the good life and in-turn, make the world a more positive place.

Together We Win, Ltd is the parent company of the Happiness Hangout website which provides relevant content and services for those who wish to enhance well-being.

Please contact Lori Peters at for more information or to schedule an interview.
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