Tama Girard to Release Single with Members of the Rock Band Tonic

Tama Girard, a National Music Writer, who’s been writing Music for Artists and Films for decades, and is now getting Support from his Music peers in the Rock World.

Providence, RI, August 06, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Last December, Girard released his first single “Sold for Free” with Legendary guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, signed through GF Entertainment Www.GFentertainment.com. That single had gained Girard much needed notoriety as a front man and lead vocalist in the consumer market. That single, pulled him out from behind the scenes as a unnamed writer. It really does seem like quite a great irony happening for Girard. After helping so many people with their music, and now to being on the receiving end.

They don’t have much more information on the new Single, other than the track’s title “When I think of You,” and who will be performing on the track.

Jeff Russo –Guitars & Vocals (Jeff Russo is the lead guitarist – vocalist of the Band Tonic, whose songs have hit the charts countless times, with songs like their mega hit “If you could only see”..)

Billy Leetch -Piano & Keyborads
Brian Lee Guy -Drums
Mike Sahagian -Bass & Keyboards
Tama Girard -Vocals & guitars

Bob StJohn -Production & Mastering
GF Entertainment
John Harrington
(401) 632-4500