Navrattan Group to Set-up First SUNSUL Technology Project in Punjab, India

Mumbai, India, August 07, 2015 --( Navrattan Group recently showcased eight of their revolutionary intellectual inventions to the Punjab Government delegation in Budapest, Hungary. Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal was recently in Hungary to witness a demonstration by the scientists of Fakon Vallalkozasi KFT company in collaboration with Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd. (NGPCL) of India on a very innovative new technology which uses scientific invention to heat Sulphur using photovoltaic cells to produce power. The Deputy CM immediately gave his approval for the establishment of the first-of-its-kind renewable energy project in the world which will use industrial waste to generate power.

It is the efforts and vision of Mr. Himanshu Verma whose far sighted initiative has taken shape and has got an approval from the government. Mr. Verma’s collaboration with Fakon Vallalkozasi is set to change the way we produce energy. “This project will not only make renewable energy popular among people but will also open new ways to energy generation,” said Mr. Verma, the MD of Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited (NGPCL).

Mr. Laszlo Pakh, the Managing Director of Fakon Vallalkozasi assured the Deputy CM of Punjab to install a 1MW power renewable energy plant using the company’s patented invention in Punjab within Six Months. Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd. is planning to establish more such energy generation plants in the country and benefit the mankind. “The SUNSUL Technology is a very promising one which produces electricity by using industrial waste as feedstock. This system is first of its kind in the world and the project is set to bring revolution in the renewable energy business,” said Mr. Himanshu Verma.

During the demonstration Mr. Verma explained the working of the project. The energy generation set-up consists of a self moving solar dish along with a turbine and other parts. The industrial waste (Sulphur) is heated using sunrays to change its character and produce steam which runs the turbine and generate power. The technology is 40-70% more efficient that conventional ways of energy generation. Mr. Badal said that Punjab is keen to produce clean and green energy and would support any innovation which increased efficiency along with being cost effective.
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