Ecosmob’s CosmoSWITCH, Class 4 SWITCH Well-Suited for Italian Telecom Operators

Ecosmob Technologies has developed class 4 Softswitch, called, CosmoSWITCH. It is a perfect fit to handle the local and long distance call traffic in Italy. It is successfully tested by the Telecom Italia and sleeved with specification 769.

Ahmedabad, India, August 08, 2015 --( Ecosmob Technologies is prominent in developing client-centric products and solutions in IT industry. The company caters communication needs of various industry horizons with its innovative VoIP products. One of such products is CosmoSWITCH. It is a class 4 softswitch solution developed by the company by keeping the specification of the Italian Telecom into consideration.

The CosmoSWITCH is successfully tested by the Italian Telecom operators for its functionality. It is very well integrated with the 769 technical specification set by the Telecom Italia. It is a scalable, reliable and secure VoIP softswitch, which can regulate the wholesale call traffic very efficaciously.

The decision of launching the CosmoSWITCH was taken after the announcement made by the Telecom Italia. The government had expressed great interest in SIP and advised the Telecom operators to move from regular TDM to SIP. Ecomsob Technologies was one of the pioneers, which developed the class 4 switch in the interest of the Italian Telecom operators. The company not only designed and developed the class 4 softswitch, but also actively provides other services, which includes deployment and post-sale support.

The CosmoSWITCH is furnished with many advanced features which are enough to handle the long distant and/ or local calls efficiently. Some of the features of the CosmoSWITCH are listed hereunder:

Routes the long distances calls with intelligent routing model

Routes the faxes with specific routing model

Provides the number portability

Blacklists the route(s)/ number(s)

Whitelist the route(s)/ number(s)

Balances the load effectively

Provides failover support

Call Detail Reports

And many more

The company has announced that the CosmoSWITCH is a ready to use class 4 softswitch by the Telecom operators of the Italy. It is the best solution for those who want to switch to the SIP from TDM. The Class 4 VoIP Softswitch developed by the company has the user-friendly graphical user interface. It is very easy to operate and maintain. Any small to big task can be carried out with a few clicks and simple settings. It is also very scalable and supports addition and deletion of carriers hassle free. The CosmoSWITCH reduces the cost of network management remarkably. It gives it a competitive edge over its counterparts.

About Ecosmob Technologies
Ecosmob Technologies is a leading VoIP Solutions provider company. The company is renowned for its next generation VoIP Products and custom development services. CosmoSWITCH is ready to use class 4 softswitch offered by the company. The company also offers custom class 4 softswitch development services at affordable rates.

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