Antivia Adds Customer-Driven Presentation and Productivity Features to Decisionpoint™

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, August 08, 2015 --( After reporting strong performance in the first and second quarter of 2015, international software company Antivia today announced a new release of its business intelligence software, DecisionPoint™.

The new release centers around a range of customer-driven presentation and productivity enhancements for both DecisionPoint™ Enterprise and DecisionPoint™ For Excel, making it even easier for non-programmers to create and share stunning interactive dashboards.

Updates to both products include a number of enhanced presentation features, including the ability to add dynamic styles to drawing components, images and labels. These allow you to:
• Change the color of a component using an expression, for example on a wall-mounted dashboard to change the background color of a component to highlight good or bad performance.
• Specify an angle of rotation with an expression, for example to set a label at an angle or display an arrow which moves to indicate progress against target.

The release also introduces a new fuel-gauge style presentation for the gauge component, which is a nice way of displaying progress against target.

A popular productivity feature added with this release is the ability to drag-and-drop to move a dataset under a different parent dataset. This means you could move a component from under a filtered sub dataset to an unfiltered top-level dataset, or vice versa, without losing its settings.

Another productivity enhancement that has been added to both versions of DecisionPoint™ is an improved refresh workflow against local Excel data sources. If the structure of a spreadsheet has changed when you refresh your dashboard, DecisionPoint™ handles this nicely allowing you to map new columns without losing existing formats and hierarchies.

New DecisionPoint™ Enterprise-specific features include the ability to display live tiles in the dashboard catalog. Each dashboard has a thumbnail image displayed alongside it in the catalog; this thumbnail can now also be a mini-dashboard dashboard that shows trends and high-level business summaries. This enables business users to instantly know if something needs attending guiding them to open the main dashboard to investigate further.

New for DecisionPoint™ For Excel is the ability for users of the native DecisionPoint™ mobile apps to view their dashboards offline, which has been a popular customer request.

Mark Hudson, CEO of Antivia, said: “We pride ourselves on having happy customers, and we listen to their feedback and act on it to make DecisionPoint™ even better. The proof of this is in the new capabilities we continue to deliver, release on release. Today, we’re thrilled to deliver these new productivity and presentation enhancements which our customers have asked for.”

DecisionPoint™ Version 4 R8 is generally available to all customers with a valid support and maintenance contract.
Kamilla Nyegaard-Larsen