MEMA® Pets Announces Their First Dog Days of Summer Sale

ALU® Collars are now up to 25% off through August 31, 2015.

San Francisco, CA, August 08, 2015 --( ALU® Collars are adjustable dog collars and come in four different sizes, Mini (8” – 14”), Medium (14” – 18”), Large (16” – 20”), and X-Large (18” – 24”). ALU® Collars are available on the MEMAPets website. ALU® Collars first came on the market in 2014 and ALU® Mini made its debut earlier this year. “The overwhelming support and enthusiasm for ALU Collars has made it possible for us to be able to have our first sale ever,” says Patricia Ochoa, Co-Founder of MEMA Pets, “we’re calling it our Dog Days of Summer Sale!” Customers are urged to subscribe to the MEMA® Pets newsletter to be the first to find out about future sales and promotions.

The hardware used for all ALU® Collars is aircraft grade aluminum that has been CNC machined, chamfered, and anodized in clear, pink, or blue resulting in a beautifully minimal unibody design. All ALU® Collars boast a cleverly engineered patent pending buckle that comes together with rare earth magnets and is mechanically held together, metal to metal, the harder the dog pulls, the greater the clamping force gets. Watch how the ALU® Buckle comes together here on the company’s youtube channel MEMA Pets on Youtube.

The webbing is handmade from natural renewable resources; such as Cork, which is waterproof, fire resistant, and mosquito repellent. The extraction method of Cork is 100% safe for the tree and only done once every nine years. Hemp is the other textile used due to its strength and durability. Hemp also gets softer the more the dog wears it, and is naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light. “We set out to make a modern looking, easy to use, high quality dog collar, that will last your dog’s lifetime,” says Mehdi Malek, Founder of MEMA® Pets.

MEMA Pets was formed to bring pet ownership to the 21st century, we want to make connected devices that will benefit both owners and pets. And through the use of modern technology create solutions to everyday pet problems, making life easier for you and your pets.

To design and develop high quality pet products by utilizing new technologies in order to make the responsibility of owning and caring for your pets easier.
Elena Cordery