Visual Dialplan for Asterisk Open Source Telephony Switch, Now with Improved Performance and Dialplan Code Preview Capability

Revolutionize Asterisk dialplan development.

Los Angeles, CA, December 07, 2007 --( Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is an innovative visual modeling platform that enables Asterisk users to create, maintain and validate Asterisk dialplans in an easy, convenient and natural way.

It enables user to simply drag, drop and connect dialplan blocks to make company IVR, Call Center queues, inbound or outbound call flows and much more. Model, don't code.

Whether creating new dialplan, maintaining or upgrading existing dialplan, or just testing Asterisk IVR, queues, conferencing, voicemail, TTS, ASR and other capabilities, Visual Dialplan will enable users to visualize inbound and outbound call flows making contexts and macros descriptive and will validate dialplan before its deployment to the Asterisk box.

Users may also use included samples to create a standard dialplan in minutes, or create complex and large dialplans using the comfort of a modern Rapid Application Development environment.

Benefits for Asterisk dialplan developers:
* Never write a line of code anymore; simply drag, drop and connect dialplan blocks to make company IVR, inbound and outbound call flows, voicemail boxes, conferencing etc.
* Use samples (templates) to create standard dialplan in minutes. Visual dialplan makes Asterisk dialplan development easy and fun, with no need to have dialplan experience to create complex dialplans.
* Create complex dialplans in a convenient, intuitive and natural way using the comfort of a modern Rapid Application Development environment without sacrificing the functionality and capability of standard Asterisk dialplan.

Benefits for Asterisk consultants and professionals:
* Easily maintain and manage complex and large dialplans.

Benefits for Asterisk management and GUI vendors:
* Enhance Asterisk management or GUI solution by plugging in Visual Dialplan and providing an innovative dialplan management tool to customers

Full functional free of charge trial version is available for download at:

About Apstel
Apstel is focused on providing leading-edge tools and solutions for Asterisk® open source switch, tools that will transform the way Asterisk® interacts with users, to easier Asterisk® usage and adoption by providing visual tools and solution for its management, and to help Asterisk® to penetrate the mass market and become a leading choice in the deployment of communications infrastructure.

Michael Davis