Matrix Medical Tracking Systems
Matrix Medical Tracking Systems

Matrix Medical Releases TRACTUS Video, World's First Sterile Scanner Showcased

Matrix Medical, a Wisconsin company, has unveiled the first ever sterile scanner, TRACTUS. A video has been released showcasing how the scanner can easily scan 2D data matrix codes in the sterile field.

Brookfield, WI, August 09, 2015 --( It is unquestionable fact that medical devices have allowed patients to lead fuller and more productive lives. However, some have questioned the efficacy of new medical devices and have wondered if the medical claims will match the true outcomes once the device is implanted on a larger scale. Accurately tracking and monitoring the performance of each manufacturer’s device has been impossible in the past due to the fact that most registered devices are manually entered. In addition, communication among the stakeholders differ in terms of their communication and level of automation. It is uncommon to have a manufacturer link directly to the health system or hospital in order to link products to patients for accurate registering patients with their implants.

Until Now. Matix IT is pleased to introduce a fully integrated Scanning/Documentation System to accurately document medical implants with their patients while communicating this information to all pertinent stakeholders simultaneously.

What makes TRACTUS so accurate? TRACTUS is placed in the sterile field with the patient and the surgical team. TRACTUS scans the medical implant and transfers the information directly to the patient’s and Hospitals EHR. Thus making TRACTUS highly accurate though all levels of documentation. Once the surgical case has ended and the patient is transitioned to the recovery department, the implant information is seamlessly shared among the correct stakeholders (hospital, manufacturer, payer).

Why is accurate documentation of medical implants important? Accurately documentation will allow for:
* Linking patients to their implants
* Identifying patients quickly in the case of recalls
* Accurate billing of patients for items implanted
* Accurate payments for payers to process
* Accurate inventory since only products scanned are billed

For more information call Matrix Medical at 860-850-0083, visit or check out the product video by clicking the link above.
Matrix Medical Tracking Systems
Brandon Donnelly