UCHC Powers Up

Upper Cervical Health Centers, Inc. (UCHC) is incredibly excited to announce the appointments of Dr. Jeff Scholten as their new President and Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt as a member of the Board of Directors providing expertise and support to their members.

Charlotte, NC, August 09, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The ICA’s 2015 Chiropractor of the Year, Dr. Mayer Hunt is the current President of Orthospinology and a founding member and driving force within the ICA’s Upper Cervical Council, currently serving as Secretary and Co-chair of Curriculum. An early affiliate and supporter of UCHC, Dr. Hunt has recently taken on a larger ownership stake within the company.

The ICA’s Upper Cervical Council’s Upper Cervical Chiropractor of the year for 2015, Dr. Scholten has served UCHC since September 2015 as Advisor to the Chairman of the Board. Dr. Scholten is the current President of the ICA’s Upper Cervical Council and serves on the board of NUCCA and the UCRF. He has been instrumental in the re-envisioning of UCHC from a franchise to a membership base organization.

Their tireless effort to move Upper Cervical forward allow Dr. Scholten and Dr. Mayer Hunt to expand their capabilities and to bring a wealth of clinical, industry business and leadership experience to UCHC. Both are clearly committed to UCHC’s promise, “By ourselves we can change our community but together we can change the world.”

UCHC has been a leader in collaboration within the Upper Cervical community for the majority of the last decade. Recognizing the need for UC chiropractors to have a voice on a bigger stage to allow the important message of health and healing available with Upper Cervical Care, UCHC has continued to push towards creating a platform upon which the islands that are upper cervical offices can feel connected within scaffolding that supports business success.

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Upper Cervical Health Centers
Dr. Ray Drury, Senior VP and Founder of UCHC