Internet Newcomers Can Use the Web for Profit Just Like the Pros

Texas Computer Guy Aims to Help Internet “Newbies” Start a Profitable Online Business

Odessa, TX, December 06, 2007 --( Many would-be entrepreneurs get discouraged easily when trying their hand at creating an online business. Now there’s a guy in Texas who wants to help them wade through the hype and empty promises so that they can benefit from a medium that’s already at most people’s disposal, the Internet. According to Scott Drinkard of Odessa, Texas (or “The Computer Guy” as he’s known to all his customers) there is a lot of confusion and misleading information floating around about starting an online business. Now he’s making it his business to help people get past all that and put their ideas into action.

According to Mr. Drinkard, the vast majority of new online ventures fail because people get discouraged when the promises of thousands of dollars for only a few hours of work fail to pan out. “If people are looking for a way to ‘get-rich-quick’, then I can’t help them. But if someone is willing to put in some real time and effort to start a real online business, that’s the kind of people who can benefit from my advice. I don’t promise anyone overnight riches or living a wealthy lifestyle beyond their wildest dreams. I just promise to offer practical advice to those willing to listen and work hard.” Says Mr. Drinkard

Mr. Drinkard will be offering a series of columns to address these topics and dispense advice geared toward people who have a real entrepreneurial spirit. These articles that will be produced over the next several weeks will deal with real methods that average people can use to start an online business for fun and profit. The articles will look at various means of generating income streams and review resources and tools that can be used to enhance and streamline the workflow.

Scott Drinkard is owner of “The Computer Guy”, a mobile computer repair and service business located in Odessa, Texas. The articles will be posted at regular intervals over the next few weeks on

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