WEPCO, Inc. SmartLifterâ„¢: Innovative Vacuum Lifter is Now Patented

A newly developed ergonomic lifting technology is now patented by a company well known for innovations which enhance material handling productivity and safety.

Pittston, PA, August 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- WEPCO, Inc. announces the successful patent of its SmartLifter™ automated vacuum lifter. The SmartLifter idea was born in response to a customer’s need, leading to a unique solution and a new technology.

“Our team solved the problem in a way that was so unique that is was patentable,” says Chris Paulsen, WEPCO’s CEO. There is nothing else available with this now-patented combination of side lifting, self-balancing, force-sensing handle, and other features.

This ergonomic lifting tool enables the user to grip, balance, and stack heavy items with fingertip pressure — from the side only, not from the top. It can handle any pallet configuration, and even short operators can easily stack tall pallets with greater safety and productivity.

With a healthy and growing installed base, SmartLifter is proving useful for many types of lifting applications including cartons, pails, kegs, and more, up to 50 lbs. for cardboard and 100 lbs. for less porous materials.

Here’s how it works: SmartLifter is placed on the side of the item and the vacuum engages automatically. SmartBalance technology senses and steadies the load. The force-sensing handle provides fingertip control, giving workers the ergonomic freedom of position and visibility. The operator places the item and the vacuum releases automatically.

The SmartLifter device is powered by Gorbel® G-Force®.

With over 40 years of integration success, new ideas like SmartLifter have been a trademark strength for WEPCO. For more information, call WEPCO at 570-655-5951 or read more on the WEPCO website http://www.wepcoinc.com/smartlifter .

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Theresa Raffa