Antiquities Giftshop Refreshes Its Web Page with Most Recent Historic Acquisitions

Popular ancient jewellery online business, Antiquities Giftshop has been updating its website. The company is keen to showcase its latest acquisitions and ensure that customers can use both mobile and static internet access to see easily what is on offer.

Sudborough, United Kingdom, August 12, 2015 --( It has become essential these days for online businesses to provide the ability for customers to easily navigate company internet sites and be able to interact from their smart phones or tablets when they are not sitting at home with their laptops.

In order to keep up to date, Antiquities Giftshop has been fine tuning its website, rather than having a complete overhaul. Sales Manager William Alleman said: "We knew our website was functioning well and had recently optimised it for use with mobile devices. However, there is always something that can be tweaked in order to provide a better customer experience. We asked our IT specialists to advise us on anything that needed doing and whilst in the process, we added the availability of more languages to it."

Clients can view the website in English, Dutch, French, Turkish, Spanish and German. One of the items currently being features on the website is a Roman ring made from bronze which has a celestial star and cross in the centre. This is an example of how the items come from all across the world and the centuries as this piece is circa 1-4 Century AD and from Bulgaria.

The company has been trading online for over 21 years, and it specialises in antiquities from as far back as Celtic and Roman times. The jewellery is made of bronze and copper, gold and silver, some set with gems. Some are purely decorative but some are also functional. The newly updated site features detailed product descriptions and photographs, including before and after pictures of many of the ancient artefacts and jewellery the company has for sale. These photos show the patina for items in their original state, immediately following excavation, and later, when they have been professionally cleaned by the company's specialists.

All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity and the company ships worldwide for free. It is also possible to keep up with the latest news on the antique jewellery scene by subscribing to the regular newsletter.

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