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The Christian Meditator wins 2008 Black Web Award for best health and holistic website.

Sacramento, CA, December 07, 2007 --( Why does it seem that success follows some people and failure others? Why do some individuals maintain an aura of inner peace while other are riddled with stress and anxiety? What is motivating the person who bores through obstacles with persistence and perseverance while his colleagues give up at the slightest hindrances?

According to Rhonda Jones, owner of Serenity Enterprises and developer of the awarding winning website,, “what differentiates our behaviors, attitudes, and motivations from others all boils down to the thoughts we think.” Jones, a devout Christian, school teacher, and mother of three, is the author of a series of faith-based and Christ-centered meditation and affirmation CDs to help Christians realize a more abundant, faith-driven, worry-free, spirit-led, and fulfilling life.

Her most popular CD, “Taking Control of Your Thought Life,” attests to the growing amount of anxiety, fear, and worry even in the Christian community. “I get emails from Christians who battle with depression, uncontrollable thoughts, and hopelessness,” said Jones. “Christians aren’t immune to toxic thinking, and we must be careful to use our thoughts to bring joy and success into our lives.”

Jones also indicated that our incessant thinking also interferes with our relationship with God and hearing his voice. “Practicing biblical- meditation and learning to quiet our minds can increase our intimacy with God, break the cycle of unconscious living, and help to eliminate destructive thinking ,” stated Jones, who created the CDs after a several year bout with depression.

Although the meditations are targeted primarily to Christians, anyone can benefit from them, expressed Jones. “The spiritual truths on the CD are universal and we all need to mentally-detox from time to time,” she declared. Jones sales 11 CDs that include 23 Christ-centered meditations as well as Christian Affirmations and Scriptures on weight-loss, healing, peace, controlling negative thoughts, relinquishing the past, prosperity, patience, overcoming anger, eliminating stress, successful marriages, faith, protection, and many more.

Her website,, won the 2008 Black Web Award for Best Health and Holistic Website. The site contains articles on Christian meditation and spiritual growth, products, and testimonials.

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