A New Website Design by Getco Company for the New Village

The Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach unveils its new website www.masticbeachvillageny.gov created by Getco Company.

Mastic Beach, NY, August 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The new village website is designed by Getco Company to organize massive amounts of village information in a professionally-elegant, easy-to-navigate format. The site gives residents unfettered access to village departments so they can steer themselves toward their desired bureau.

The board wanted the site to consider not only current citizens but future ones as well. Fashioned with professional photographs by Shawn Getchell and local watercolor artist, Lorraine Rimmelin, the site has an understated design and well thought-out quality.

The site showcases the village in the best possible light. With pages that include: Lifestyle, Recreation, Relaxation, Activities, and Community. Each page paints the picture of a small village where—as stated on the home page, “Here, adventure beckons with an irresistible pull to be amid nature while having all the comforts of home. One’s imagination only limits the possibilities.”

It is evident that the Village of Mastic Beach has community pride, listing many local organizations as well as a resource page for the new resident looking to find a local school, church or elected the official.

There are informational links to village department pages. These include Building and Housing, Clerk-Administrator, Department of Public Works, Fire Marshal, Planning Board, Public Safety, Tax Receiver, Treasurer, Village Court and Zoning Board of Appeals. Each page contains forms and data including office hours and contact information for the supervisor of each department.

There are two calendar features. One is the village schedule, and there is a local community calendar with social happenings in or around the village. Also, there is a page with forms and local tourist sites.

Mayor Maura Spery added, “I love the look of the site. The site is a professional marriage of information and promotion at the same time. It is the online gateway to our community, and it’s beautiful! Many who are looking to buy a summer home—or relocate to Mastic Beach—will use this portal to check out our neighborhood. The website paints an excellent picture of what it means to live in our waterfront paradise.”

“The website has all the information a citizen needs to be well-informed. All the forms the village uses are on the site as well as public notices, meeting minutes, agendas and videos are available for viewing,” stated Village Clerk/Administrator Susan Alevas. “The best part is the control we have to put up notices and public information. We can get anything posted at a moment’s notice to the benefit of the public.”

Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa added, “Now we are no longer held hostage by hosting. The whole site is managed in-house and can be updated by village employees at any time. Bringing the site in-house was critical because it will save us nearly $7,200 a year in maintenance fees.”

The site was designed by the firm Getco Company, hired last May to manage the village’s marketing, design and public relations.

Maureen Getchell said, “We created the site in ‘Squarespace’ for obvious reasons. The government needed a low-cost Content Management System that could be maintained in-house by multiple users. The interface is easy-to-learn, and we made it pleasing to the eye. We saw no reason to create a propriety site especially when village goals are transparency with easy access at minimal cost.”

The Mastic Beach Village website is www.masticbeachvillageny.gov.
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