Oddessa.com CEO and Head Oddsmaker, Joey Oddessa, Makes Rousey the Favorite in Battle of the Sexes with Mayweather

Las Vegas, NV, August 15, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Women’s MMA superstar Ronda Rousey and polarizing champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been throwing jabs at each other for over a year now. Of course, these two aren’t literally trading blows but have been in a war of words through the media.

Their heated exchanges have sparked a wild fire of “what if,” with fight fans wondering just who would come out on top if these undefeated champions actually went toe-to-toe. A recent ESPN poll revealed that 78 percent of more than 10,000 fight fans think Rousey would win in a no-rules brawl with the man simply known as “Money.”

That fascination has bled over to sports betting and has clogged the email of renowned MMA and boxing linesmaker Joey Oddessa with requests for odds on the fictional bout.

“I don't like fantasy bouts but the public likes to debate,” says Oddessa. “Well, as much as these two are arguably the most dominant in their sports of mixed martial arts and boxing, I would have to agree with the recent ESPN polls. Ronda wins.”

While Oddessa believes Rousey vs. Mayweather is a very long shot to actually happen, he would make the MMA betting odds on Rousey – the 12-0 UFC bantamweight title holder and former Olympic bronze medalist in judo – as a -250 favorite over Mayweather in a no-rules bout.

“I call it a mismatch because Floyd has one way to win: Avoid any kind of clinch and don’t let her take him down,” says Oddessa. “You ask, 'should she be a higher favorite?' Yes. But, the purpose of the price is to create two-way action. And, though this fight will never happen, a -400 price would leave books exposed as Ronda is great and has countless ways to finish the fight.”

Rousey is fresh off a 34-second knockout victory over Bethe Correia at UFC 190 earlier this month. That KO finish was impressive, however, it would be her submission skills that would likely do Mayweather in if the two somehow made this fantasy fight happen.

Mayweather made a mind-blowing $300,000 million in just under 40 minutes in his highly-anticipated fight with Manny Pacquiao this spring, improving to 48-0 with a decision victory. He is scheduled to face Andre Berto as a -3,500 favorite on September 12 in Las Vegas.

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