Jerome Brarda Aims to Smash Miami-Bimini Speed Record in 42' Supercat — InterZone Pictures Will Film Event

InterZone Pictures will film speed record attempt as part of its plan for a series of TV films about offshore powerboat racing.

Miami, FL, August 17, 2015 --( World Famous offshore powerboat racer Jérôme Brarda aims to beat the world speed record for his class between Miami and Bimini Island this year.

Brarda will drive his 42-foot Supercat from Miami to Bimini Island and back on 31 October next, hoping to crack the existing time for the run with the help of an ace new throttle-man.

The event will screen on live TV and via Internet streaming. Irish production company, InterZone Pictures will use the speed record footage in a new series of documentaries it plans to produce, focused on the sport of offshore powerboat racing, its history and folklore.

InterZone Pictures is a film, TV and internet production company.

Audiovisual is our game. TV. Movies. Internet streaming.

InterZone has several projects in development, including a biopic of a famous Irish revolutionary of the early twentieth century.

But we want to make some TV movies before getting deep into that. Which is why, right now in August 2015, we are focused on filming our attempt on the World Powerboat speed record between Miami and Bimini Island.
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