New Novel by Michele Duva Stars Brilliant Couple Fated to Love Forever

Math, science and myth play important roles in this unusual love story for the ages. Dog Ear Publishing reviews the latest novel by Michele Duva, who explores the relationship between cosmology, math and Mayan beliefs and how they shape the human condition in love and loss.

San Jose, CA, August 19, 2015 --( Love can conquer all – sometimes even death. That’s the premise behind this new novel released by Dog Ear Publishing that blends romance, myth and science. Eulba, a physicist and mathematician exploring theories on the universe, had a unique relationship with her boyfriend, Beloved, another brilliant person. Their romance somehow continues despite his untimely death, and Eulba discovers that science and myth are simply two sides of the same coin, representing the same reality from different points of view.

“Eulba” opens as the couple first meets – Eulba is quickly drawn to the blue-eyed handsome man and slyly signs up for a math tutoring session, only to be quickly found out as the one who’s been writing anonymous notes of admiration. Their relationship becomes physical and blooms until Beloved’s experimenting with mind-altering substances leads to fateful consequences. She finds that her relationship with Beloved has not, in fact, ended with his death but continues, thanks to mythical forces that rule the cosmos, parallel universes and the elasticity of time.

As Eulba begins to believe the myths of the Maya, she decides to enter that world. It will take an act of self-sacrifice for her to make the journey and be reunited with Beloved. Powerful imagery and colorful prose, as well as beautiful verse, set the scene for a story of unbreakable bonds and the wonders of the universe.

This is the second novel for Michele Duva, who also wrote “Waiting for Dawn.” The author has an MBA from San Jose State University, a master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University and a PhD. in comparative literature from State University of New York at Binghamton. Duva, who lives in Northern California, has been pursuing a multidisciplinary career working in different professions.

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Michele Duva
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ISBN: 978-1-4575-3743-1 196 pages $10.95 US

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