Educator’s New Book Offers Practical Technique for Teaching Literacy

A special education teacher shares her methods for teaching children to read in this new book relased by Dog Ear Publishing.

Bainbridge, OH, August 19, 2015 --( Reading is an important skill that unlocks the mysteries of the written word. A new book from Dog Ear Publishing features an easy method developed by a special education teacher that helps children learn to read in just 10 minutes per day. Aimed at children in preschool through fourth grade, the book provides activities that can guide parents, caregivers and teachers in teaching their children to read.

“Teach Your Child To Read in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!” offers techniques appropriate to all children, including those with learning difficulties or disabilities. As Dog Ear Publishing notes in its review of the work, the author describes what she calls her “Stretch & Catch” method, which combines developmentally appropriate words for “Stretch & Catch,” with high-frequency words she calls “The Word List” and daily reading exercises to create strong readers.

Although the literacy activities are geared toward parents, teachers can use the exercises in their classrooms as well. Step-by-step instructions lead adults through lessons and assessment tools, and daily reading exercises enforce lessons just learned. At its core, the method helps children learn how to see patterns within words and sound out words by using their ears to hear sounds, their mouths to feel sounds and their fingers to see sounds by raising them as each letter is sounded out. A chapter on teaching the alphabet – a requirement for starting the program – brings children up to speed quickly.

Lowe is passionate about teaching children to read, which is why she developed this multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate method. As she writes, “Once a person can read, his or her ability to learn is limitless. Everyone must read to succeed.”

Author Amanda McNamara Lowe has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and has taught children with severe special needs, including autism, cognitive challenges and learning disabilities. She has a master’s degree and is an intervention specialist. In addition to teaching children, Lowe has taught at Cleveland State University. She has used her Stretch & Catch method to teach reading to children of all ages and abilities. She and her husband, Rick, have three children and live in Cleveland.

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"Teach Your Child To Read in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day!"
Amanda McNamara Lowe
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3809-4 148 pages $24.99 US

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