New Novel by George McCarthy Details Man’s Attempt to Save Earth from Destruction

Author George McCarthy explores the possibility of life beyond Earth and the potential to stop the destruction of humanity granted one man in his new fiction offering, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Lisbon, CT, August 20, 2015 --( Det. Sgt. Daniel Warburton is a happy man with lovely wife, Carmel, and three wonderful kids. He is fulfilled by his job, and he loves to spend a little time on his patio in the evening, smoking an illicit cigar and drinking a glass or two of good wine. Unfortunately, his late-evening idyll is interrupted by an alien spacecraft, which transports him aboard and changes his life forever. As this new novel relays, the beings he meets inform him he has been chosen as a vessel to save mankind.

Daniel is granted extra brain capacity and the power to heal his fellow humans; he must make physical contact with the humans, however, to truly heal and restore the person to innocence. Others have been granted this power in the past, including Jesus Christ, but no one has succeeded. Unfortunately, Daniel discovers he’s working against time, and there are people who are working against him. Can Daniel heal humanity, saving the human race, or will humanity ultimately be destroyed?

“Second Coming” is a fascinating story, and everyman Daniel Warburton is a relatable choice for the savior of humankind. Author George McCarthy has created an intriguing and absorbing take on the alien abduction story and Daniel’s fight to save the people of Earth.

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"Second Coming"
George McCarthy
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3970-1 272 pages $14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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