AppsMoment Announces Windows Apps Maker Release

San Francisco, CA, August 18, 2015 --( AppsMoment announces Windows platform support presenting brand new windows apps builder. AppsMoment is a cloud mobile apps making tool. Now with Windows support its users can reach their target audience on any device including iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows phones.

The core idea of AppsMoment software is to make the process of mobile app creation as simple as ABC so that even people without programming skills could build apps. AppsMoment offers its users detailed video tutorials and over 200 templates to choose from. With over 100 app features available it’s easy to build apps for business and fun.

Google trends tool shows the growing popularity for “windows apps” and “windows app builder” terms in 2015 and previous years. With the growing audience of Windows phones users demanding quality apps it’s a great opportunity for Windows apps’ developers to conquer the market.

AppsMoment offers subscription plans depending on the number of apps and updates that are going to be produced. The price starts with $29 per month. There is free tester plan that allows to create and publish 1 app.

More than 16 500 customers have already been using the tool. Among them restaurant owners and designers, event agencies and musicians, game developers and e-store owners. With AppsMoment offering windows apps builder tool, they get an opportunity to reach out their mobile phone users.

“We believe that creating mobile apps shouldn’t be a mystery. We pay a lot of time to create quality, step-by-step tutorials so that people with no programming skills could bring their ideas to life and create mobile apps. We are more than 3 years on the market and proud to have 16 500 customers who have published 410 000 apps. So if they did, you can do either, can’t you?” - said Maksym Vysochansky, the AppsMoment’s founder.

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