3E Software Solutions Announces Launch of Magento-Moodle Integration Services

Karnataka, India, August 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- 3E Software Solutions, a Bengaluru based software services company specializing in eLearning & eCommerce implementations, today announced the launch of its Magento-Moodle integration services to fulfil the demand in the market due to the increasing popularity of both LMS and eCommerce platforms. This service addresses the requirement for a system where course developers can register to sell courses and users can shop and add to cart multiple courses from varied vendors and pay through an integrated payment system.

Magento-Moodle integration helps the course developer to create and sell industry standard SCORM compatible courses using a popular and robust eCommerce platform with features like multi-currency and multi-store support, tax management, PCI compliance, detailed reporting on orders/sales...

Magento is a complete open source eCommerce solution with over 150,000 online stores running on it, including some of the leading brands like Ford and Samsung. With more than 500,000+ Magento downloads since it was launched in 2008, Magento has 26% share of the eCommerce market and is a leader for 4 consecutive years. Magento is available in two editions, Magento Community edition, which is free, and Magento Enterprise, which is a paid version.

Moodle is open-source software Learning Management System used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other eLearning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors. A recent survey notes the increasing market share of Moodle, to over 10% while its competitor market share seems to be decreasing.

Commenting on the launch of these services, Faizulla Shaik, Co-founder & CEO, 3E Software Solutions commented, "Magento-Moodle integration offers "best of the both worlds" for someone who requires an eCommerce or an eLearning system with an addition requirement from the other platform. It offers huge advantages to the user as well as the seller community, to demonstrate - while Single Sign On (SSO), account sync option and option to choose between different classes for the same course on Magento helps the user, simple setup of Moodle courses in Magento, single Magento account to enrol multiple students, marketplace management options like adaptive Paypal payments, vendor reviews etc, offers immense advantages to the course developer."

Adding further, he said, "Magento-Moodle integration is a huge improvement over other methods that rely on selling the "access methods" rather than the courses themselves. For e.g., one popular solution for selling Moodle courses on Magento is to generate a fixed number of enrolment codes in Moodle and sell the enrolment codes as products in Magento. This method does not "integrate" Magento and Moodle that seamlessly."

The services are ready to be rolled-out to 3E Software Solutions' prospect/customers in early-August.
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