Announces New Free Debt Consultation Analysis Service

Well known financial site has added a new service to their online portal by means of partnership with a Debt Consolidation Company.

Chicago, IL, December 13, 2007 --( In the middle of the financial crisis with sub-prime lending retreating from the market, the renowned financial site has announced an agreement with a notorious debt consolidation company to offer a new service free of charge.

The site has been part of the online financial market for several years now and has been offering access to a wide variety of lenders, financial institutions and other financial services for Americans as well as professional advice on credit repair, taxes and many other additional services.

The site, which is very prominent in the online field has now closed a deal with a debt consolidation company to offer a free debt assessment and analysis that will provide the users with a thorough review of their debt situation plus different alternatives to solve debt problems and eliminate debt.

Brett Rambler, the company's CEO explained that due to a cumulous of variables that include the increased debt exposure and the current country’s sub-prime financing crisis, more and more users are requesting advice on debt reduction and debt management to avoid credit damage and bankruptcy. “Given this situation, we decided that we had to provide a debt consultation service for our users to keep the comprehensive nature that characterizes our services” said Brett Rambler.

Within the site, a link to an online form with a clear and simple explanation on how to fill it provides the user with the ability to obtain a free evaluation of the debt situation. “We wanted to keep it simple and let the experts on the other end take care of the complex and tedious formulas and calculations. So, the user will fill a form with numbers that he already knows by heart and the debt consultants will handle the rest.”

Mary Wise