PMS Central Presents the Top 10 Ways to Prevent PMS from Hijacking Your Holiday Season

Free yourself from the aches and pains of PMS this holiday season with the experts from and the authors of the bestseller The Princess and the PMS / The Prince and the PMS.

San Diego, CA, December 07, 2007 --( To make your holiday season more enjoyable and free from any aggravation that can accompany an unwanted "visitor", PMS Central and the authors of the bestselling book The Princess and the PMS / The Prince and the PMS presents the Top 10 ways to prevent PMS from hijacking your holiday season.

10. Put together a master calendar for your holiday activities including when PMS will strike. PMS Central has a PMS email alert and a year-at- glance PMS calendar to ensure you won't be caught off guard. A calendar can help you schedule shopping outings, party commitments and dinners around your PMS.

9. Breathe, breathe, breathe! Whether you're stuck in line at the mall or faced with annoying relatives, taking ten slow deep breaths can change your stress response from 'fight or flight' to 'rest and digest' in an instant.

8. Busy days can lead to poor meal choices. Plan your meals and be sure to have healthy snacks like fruit, raw nuts and protein bars on hand. Avoid salty, fried or sugary foods and drink lots of water instead of coffee, tea or soda.

7. Remember your vitamins. Vitamins and supplements can provide additional relief from your menacing monthly symptoms. Use a balanced multivitamin formulated for PMS.

6. Get plenty of exercise and rest during PMS and especially during the holiday season when there is extra stress. Who has time to exercise during the holidays? Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car further from your destination.

5. Take time out for yourself. Put on your sweats and watch a movie or read your favorite magazines or a good book. Indulge in a warm bubble bath or schedule a massage. "Me" time helps rejuvenate mind and body.

4. Set limits for yourself. Spending limits, eating limits, etc. Write them down and keep them with you when you're out and about. It's all too easy to binge during PMS.

3. Wait to buy the holiday treats until your PMS is gone. Sugar-filled sweets send your body on a rollercoaster ride, make PMS worse and leave you feeling guilty as you survey the damage to your waistline (and the mound of candy wrappers).

2. We're all for holiday cheer but go easy on the egg nog and the cocktails. Both sugar and alcohol make PMS symptoms go from bad to worse and who needs that?

1. Remember to laugh. When someone or something triggers the PMS monster within, think of a funny scene from your favorite movie, a joke, find a puppy to play with…whatever it takes. Laughter heals and soothes.

PMS Central provides tools and advice to assist women address the often taboo subject of Premenstrual Syndrome. Women turn to PMS Central to access helpful information from professional experts on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, relief products and strategies to better cope with PMS symptoms. The site provides a PMS calendar management tool, providing email alerts with helpful tips that help women plan important events and activities around sensitive dates that might be adversely affected by PMS.

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