Corporate Executive Has a Reason to Just Don't Send Flowers

After 25 years in Corporate America, this executive decided to start her own business specializing in Get Well gifts for Cancer and Hospital Patients.

Charlotte, NC, August 19, 2015 --( In April of 2014, a friend of the former corporate executive, Gina Sibley was hospitalized suddenly and diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Gina recalls “As many of us do, I immediately turned to the internet to order flowers. I was told by friends in the CCU with Angie St. Gelais 'Just Don't Send Flowers.' I began researching and discovered that many cancer patients are very sensitive to chemicals and fragrances... and they don't really want candies/chocolates and other items routinely included in gift baskets. However, most gift-givers want to send something beautiful that conveys the right sentiment to the patient whether they're sending a cancer gift or a get-well gift.”

Over the next 12 months, Gina had several more friends and colleagues to be diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Gina stated “It was life changing for me. My father and grandfather died of cancer as well. I had to start asking myself what really mattered to me and my family and the resounding answer was just to Be Happy!” So Gina, who had been in Corporate America for 25 years started her own business called “” which specializes in Get Well gifts for Cancer and Hospital patients.

Gina added “We use beautiful tote bags and duffle bags (instead of baskets) that are functional for the patient traveling to treatment or overnight stays. We also make sure items are beautiful, inspirational, and would be a gift that anyone would like to receive whether they were in the hospital or not.”

Sadly, Angie St. Gelais succumbed to cancer within a few short days of hospitalization and left behind her wonderful family and four young and amazing children. Saint G, the line of clothing featured by Just Dont Send Flowers is both inspired by and named in honor of Angie St. G. A portion of net profits of Just Dont Send Flowers will be donated to Cancer Research and Cancer charities.
Just Dont Send Flowers
Gina Sibley