Research Conducted by Dr. Antonio Medina at MIT Demonstrates That Glasses Worsen Eyesight

Costa Mesa, CA, August 19, 2015 --( The latest research published in print this month demonstrates that wearing glasses worsens nearsightedness (myopia). Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol (2015) 253:1273-1277.

Medina’s feedback model for emmetropization predicts that correction of myopes aggravates their condition and myopia will then progress linearly.

The myopia of young subjects from the general population in Boston was recorded over several years. Subjects were ages 2 to 22 at the time of first correction with lenses; new lenses were prescribed every time that their myopia increased. Subjects wore their spectacle lenses during the followed period. The results showed that subjects exhibit a linear time course of myopia progression when corrected with lenses as predicted by the model. The observed rate of myopia increase is 0.2 to 1.0 diopters/year.

This peer-reviewed scientific paper gives some advice about correcting myopia, concluding that “myopes once corrected will fall in a myopia depression of no return, the bottom of the depression being the stabilization floor. … The model also explains the skewness towards myopia of the distribution of refractive errors. Of course, leaving a myope uncorrected is not adequate for many people. Delaying the correction of myopia until visual acuity is substantially impaired is however indicated. Such delay will delay the myopia linear decline. Stabilization will then probably occur at the same age as when immediately corrected, resulting in less final myopia.”

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