TechnoCom Helps Wireless Carriers Meet New E911 Order (FCC 07-166)

LAM™ Solution Enables Carriers to Cost-Effectively Assure Compliance with E911 Location Accuracy Requirements - TechnoCom's LocationAssurance Manager™ (LAM) enables wireless carriers to cost-effectively meet the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) newly detailed Enhanced 911 (E911) location accuracy measurement and reporting requirements.

Encino, CA, December 11, 2007 --( TechnoCom Corp. ( today announced that its LocationAssurance Manager™ (LAM) enables wireless carriers to cost-effectively meet the new FCC mandate regarding Enhanced 911 (E911) location accuracy measurement and reporting requirements. TechnoCom is a leading provider of solutions to enable wireless location services and assure their ongoing performance.

The FCC 07-166 Report and Order (Order) released on November 20th establishes a deadline of September 11, 2010, by which time all wireless carriers must demonstrate full E911 location accuracy compliance within at least 75% of the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) they serve; and demonstrate compliance within 50% of location accuracy requirements in all of their PSAP service areas. The Order requires carriers to achieve full compliance in all PSAPs they serve by September 11, 2012.

To ensure that wireless carriers are making progress toward full PSAP-level compliance, the FCC has instituted a series of interim benchmarks requiring carriers to achieve location accuracy compliance within each Economic Area they serve by September 11, 2008 and within progressively smaller geographic areas (including Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Rural Service Areas by September 11, 2010) until they demonstrate full PSAP-level compliance in 2012. Wireless carriers must submit biennial progress reports (by September 11, 2009 and 2011, respectively) to the FCC describing their progress toward achieving full PSAP-level compliance. The FCC is expected to define additional reporting requirements in a future Order.

“TechnoCom’s LAM solution allows wireless carriers to test, analyze and report E911 location performance at all geographic levels required by the FCC now,” said Masoud Motamedi, co-founder and president of TechnoCom. “LAM provides carriers the best visibility into their networks’ performance, enables rapid troubleshooting and allows carriers to optimize their investment in achieving the FCC mandate. LAM automates otherwise prohibitively costly manual work flow activities for location accuracy testing, analysis, reporting and troubleshooting.”

TechnoCom’s LAM solution tests wireless location accuracy from the subscriber’s perspective and automates data collection, analysis, and reporting of location information used for both E911 and commercial location-based services. LAM enables carriers to validate the availability and accuracy of E911 service and provides true end-to-end emergency service network element testing and push-button ad-hoc and compliance report generation. In addition to developing its LAM solution to operate within the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Bulletin No. 71 guidelines, TechnoCom has worked over the past several years with industry stakeholders in the Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF) subcommittee to establish standards for emergency services testing methodologies.

Vice president of marketing, Brian McNiff adds, “TechnoCom solutions for E911 accuracy testing and reporting are operational in five different wireless networks ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 3 carriers, autonomously testing and monitoring E911 location accuracy for systems serving over seventy million subscribers.”

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