TLV Moda Discusses the Latest Fashion Trends

“Camouflage is the print to wear if wanting to turn a few heads this season,” says founder Talia Schnitkes.

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 23, 2015 --( Talia Ben-Tal Schnitkes, founder of TLV Moda, and a well respected Israeli fashion designer, is sharing her thoughts on the new emerging fashion trend in prints this season. During a recent interview, she made these comments, “I must admit I do love it when our favorite designers and trendsetters turn a concept on its head, reminding us of how fun and playful fashion should be. The camouflage print, a traditionally rigid and functional design, was historically associated with military uniforms. With the typical colors ranging between various shades of brown, green and beige, the purpose was to aid soldiers in various combat situations to blend into the background of the battlefield in order to protect themselves. In our playing field, we know that Fashion loves to think outside its pretty little box and isn’t afraid to draw inspiration from even the most unlikely of places," said Schnitkes.

Schnitkes goes on to say, “Whether you’re a fashion-conscious gym bunny or Saturday night’s favorite dancing queen, the camouflage print is at your stylish service. What’s even more delicious is that the camouflage color boundaries have burst wide open and today you can pretty much find the print in any color you like. Whether your look is casual or elegant, you can be sure that with camouflage by your side, your reputation as the chicest fashionista in the room is well-protected. In the spirit of sharing, I have displayed some of my favorite camouflage pieces on for all my fellow style sisters and brothers out there to enjoy too.” It is no secret that Israeli fashions have evolved so much that it has earned a rather respectable seat at the table of the international fashion scene.

Part of the mission of TLVModa is to give back to the community, and this philosophy is behind TLV MODA’s association with the non-profit-organization ‘Forget Me Not’, for the establishment of a hospice in memory of the late Jacob Schnitkes. The aim is to create a hospice that will provide patients with a home and supportive environment, easing the pain and allowing them to maintain their dignity during their last days. A 2.5% of all sales on TLV MODA is donated to ‘Forget Me Not’ and its goal of building the hospice in central Tel Aviv.

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