Cannabis Packaging Such as Tincture Bottles Help Provide Element of Safe Administration of Medical Marijuana Says MMC Depot

Denver, CO, August 20, 2015 --( The recently passed Texas bill to legalize the limited use of marijuana extracts for severe forms of epilepsy in one of the most conservative states in the US represents a step forward in mainstream acceptance for the cannabis industry, especially were safe administration of medicine in packaging like tincture bottles is concerned.

“Many consumers using medical marijuana for conditions such as epilepsy are older or parents, and prefer the exact dosages of cannabis oils and extracts,” said Dovid Zussman, VP of operations at MMC Depot, a national packaging company dedicated to the legitimate packaging of cannabis products. “MMC Depot’s tincture bottles are an ideal package that allows for accurate doses of liquid or oils, and are offered with optional, child safe caps.”

The multi-sized bottles, from 1 gram up to 2 ounces, feature a built-in dropper in the cap and allow for the safe administration of liquid marijuana extracts with a lower risk of over or under dosing. You can buy them with a normal, screw on dropper cap, or an optional child resistant dropper cap.

The tincture bottles also come in a dark brown glass in order to protect the medicine from harmful UV rays and exposure to other environmental contaminants, ensuring that the medicinal marijuana extracts will stay potent and achieve maximum efficiency for treatment of health issues like epilepsy.

Using medical marijuana to treat epilepsy requires a quality product that is stored safely and can be administered accurately. The tincture bottles offered by MMC Depot can dispense thicker oils, all the way to extracts infused with other liquids. This way it doesn’t matter what viscosity the extract is, the quality design and consistent dosing creates an ease of mind with end users. To purchase these products for your medical marijuana, give MMC Depot a call at 303.297.9955 or visit their online store at

About MMC Depot
As one of North America’s leading cannabis packaging companies and a division of Central Bag & Burlap, a 101 year old packaging product company that caters to a variety of food and product industries, you can always be sure that the medical marijuana containers and packaging products from MMC Depot will be of the highest quality.
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