Funsies Onesies Offers "Outrageously Comfy" Adult Onesies, Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Denver, CO, August 20, 2015 --( Funsies Onesies (, a new wild onesie company for adults, is revolutionizing the American onesie market and encouraging people to go “fun” themselves. The company, which prides itself on comfortable product infused with a lifestyle of pure joy, positivity and a little weirdness, will be on Kickstarter early this Fall 2015.

The new apparel brand is focusing most of its efforts around a fun and exciting lifestyle, stating that “You deserve to do more of whatever makes you happy. Whether it’s wild, crazy, sleepy, or lazy.”

Co-founder, Andrew DeBell, stated, “Sometimes everyone needs a reminder that life is short and that having fun in your everyday life is the healthiest way to live. And since everyone has a variety interests, our brand goal is to help others express that freedom and provide everyone with the permission they need to sit back and enjoy life. Whether you’re singing karaoke at the top of your lungs or binging Netflix shows on the couch all night, we get it.”

Funsies Onesies has spent over a year in product design; perfecting the material, fit and detailed product features. Their onesies are crafted with the highest quality 300gsm cotton polyester blend, a cozy relaxed fit and additional detailed features such as ‘extra deep’ pockets, jersey lined hood, zipper guard and always 100% tag free. Funsies Onesies initial product line contains eight solid colored onesies and five printed style polar fleece onesies; all styles always with a color popped zipper. Both onesie styles will retail at $60 and include free domestic shipping on all orders.

Andrew DeBell and Kellen McCarvel, the founders of Funsies Onesies, have been involved in the consumer fashion business for over eight years and a solid history of entrepreneurial ventures. Their goal is to create a lifestyle onesie brand that promotes comfortability and living life to it’s full extent. Their growth strategy focuses on a tight line to launch with seasonal product introductions and an engaging, supportive lifestyle of fun.

Funsies Onesies are available for pre-order on their Kickstarter, launching early this Fall with orders arriving just in time for the Fall/Winter season. Their goal is to raise $12,000 to fund the first production run with all product available for retail in November 2015. Kickstarter contributors will have a range of quality reward options. In addition to being the first to receive a Funsies Onesie, the company also plans to have unique rewards to be released at the time of the Kickstarter launch. Their high energy, hilarious Kickstarter video will also be a major highlight to the campaign.
Funsies Onesies
Andrew DeBell