Single Dog Owners Given Key to New (Improved) Shangri La Absolutely Free

Today Single Dog Owners are being offered the key to a new and improved Shangri La absolutely free by the world’s leading dating site for dog lovers,

Malton, United Kingdom, December 07, 2007 --( founder Derek Collinson explains ‘ There are millions of single dog owners out there who find it difficult to meet other singles who don’t mind sharing their lives with dogs and all that entails (no pun intended).

If you are a dog owner, sharing your life with a dog is a joy but if you’re not then habits like jumping on the sofa or bed, leaving hairs all over the place, licking you and chewing your favorite table or novel, not to mention vets bills that will surprise and even bankrupt you, can easily put an end to a beautiful relationship before it even begins.

So was born two years ago to introduce single dog lovers to one another who could share the joy of owning a dog without being put off by dogs’ habits and the considerable responsibilities and costs of dog ownership.
Since then thousands of single dog lovers have flocked to the site and as they continue to improve the content and design more and more single dog lovers are joining at an ever increasing rate.

Over the last 2 years there have been many new features added to enhance the experience of our members but most importantly to encourage communication, because without that no relationships can develop. Today DogLover has introduced the biggest improvement of all and that’s a complete re-design of their members’ home page.’

Derek adds ‘We had all the match making tools before such as chat room , forums, blogs, instant one to one messaging, video, audio and photos, email, flirts, favorites, hot lists, new member and compatible members alerts as well as dating and dog advice, people and even dog horoscopes and the latest news on dating and dogs. But our members were not making full use of all these features so we decided to make them easier to use by making them a lot more accessible and exciting.

The result is a vastly improved members’ home page, and to celebrate they are offering new members a free 7 day trial; so you could say they are giving the key to a new and improved Shangri La absolutely free to millions of single dog owners.

Derek Collinson