DormCo Offers New Line of Jewelry Cabinets with Full-Length Mirrors

DormCo presents the new line of jewelry cabinets with full-length mirrors available in a variety of lockable styles.

Buffalo, NY, August 21, 2015 --( Two things that college dorm rooms lack are full-length mirrors and space to store jewelry. Not only that, but college girls won’t want jewelry loose on the top of the dorm room dresser. Dorm security is also a concern, especially for valuable jewelry. With little dorm room storage space, there are not many options for jewelry in dorm storage. The college student will not want to leave the jewelry in a plastic bag to get tangled, and a jewelry box from home will be too tempting for other college students that may visit in the dorm room.

DormCo now offers a new line of jewelry cabinets that provide dorm essentials that college dorm rooms lack – dorm room storage and full-length mirrors. Available in six varieties, these jewelry cabinets have a full-length mirror on the front so college students can check out outfits before leaving for class. College dorm room bathrooms don’t have full-length mirrors for college students to look at outfits before leaving for college classes. That means college girls will be standing on tip toes to try to see how the outfit looks. With these full-length mirror Jewelry Cabinets, the college girl can look at the outfit, put make up on, and pick out the perfect jewelry to accompany the outfit all in the comfort of the dorm room.

These Jewelry Cabinets are lockable, protecting valuable jewelry from theft and also have a trendy style to add to dorm room décor. There are round mirror styles and square mirror styles, and each dorm room storage option looks different on the inside. In one there is ribboning on the inside of the door for decorative hair clips while the other side has pegs for earrings, trays for bracelets and rings, and pegs for necklaces. Other options have bars and pegs on the inside of the door for necklaces and scarves while the other side has more necklace pegs and plenty of dorm room storage for earrings and other jewelry items.

These wooden dorm room storage units provide plenty of dorm storage space for jewelry while adding to dorm room décor. These dorm necessities also don’t take up a lot of space. With slim designs including one that hangs right over the dorm room door, these are compact college supplies that are really dorm space savers while providing plenty of dorm storage space.

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Nicole Horning