Look Before You Leap – Options for Failing Web Design Firms

Web development firm Desiant offers to buy out the client list of defunct designers.

Columbus, OH, December 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Desiant LLC is bringing cost efficiencies and professionalism to the web development business by offering to buy the client lists of those web designers who have abandoned the market.

With 90% of the U.S. population online and e-commerce revenues growing at an unprecedented rate, it’s no surprise that competition among web design firms is heating up. However, the increased competition has forced freelancers and smaller web companies to either change their focus or go out of business. In response to this influx of designers abandoning the market, Desiant is taking the unusual and risky tactic of offering to buy their client lists, provided they agree not to compete in the same field for up to four years.

“Let’s face it,” said Barna Kasa, owner of Desiant, based in Columbus, OH and Memphis, TN, “many corporate web pages have been designed by smart kids working in their spare time. Then they go on to college or try new business opportunities, leaving their clients to fend for themselves.”

However, Desiant isn’t limiting their focus to amateur web designers/college students. Many smaller firms are getting out of the business without fully considering their options. Selling a business is usually a one-time event, so most business owners don’t have the benefit of experience to guide them. Finding buyers, determining fair value, and preparing your current clients for the sale can be an arduous process. In an effort to ease the minds of both the business owner and their customers, Desiant is making every effort to facilitate the sale through close collaboration with the seller to ensure a seamless transition.

For information on Desiant’s offer, go to www.desiant.com or call 614-889-9336.

About Desiant:

Desiant, LLC is a complete web development company that offers web design services, custom development, local hosting, and online marketing. Serving customers in Central Ohio since 1996 and Western Tennessee since 2006, Desiant is extremely dedicated to providing the best solutions and service to their clients. For more information: 614-889-9336 or www.desiant.com.

Barna Kasa
Desiant, LLC

Desiant, LLC
Barna Kasa
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