Access and Evacu8 ltd.'s New App Helps People with Disabilities Not Get Lost in Translation

Access and evacu8me, a disability consultancy has developed a new phone app that get people into, around and out of a building you are visiting according to their capability.

New York, NY, August 22, 2015 --( Access and Evacu8 is a consultancy of disabled professionals who have created a revolutionary new app for people with disabilities to get a pictorial guide on way-finding in, around and out of buildings.

After many years working to get people with disabilities into an accessible building, getting out in an emergency has always been a major issue. To address this problem Access and Evacu8 undertook a two year consultation with people with disabilities, businesses and fire and rescue services, resulting in the launching of the 'Evacu8me & DirectMii' app, created by disabled people for use by everyone, true reverse inclusion.

New York, New York will be the first city and state that will benefit from this evolution in directional way-finding with field trials now under negotiation for an imminent start.

On 10 August 2015, Anthony Rice launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the Evacu8me & DirectMii app development, a unique and never been done before, pictorial route guide system that will help anyone to navigate through a building based on their physical condition.

“I believe that if you can help a physically disabled person to navigate through a building or, in an emergency, if you can help to get them out of the building, then you can easily help anyone. And that’s where our system comes into the picture,” said Anthony Rice, a 51 year old, the app creator, working as a disability access officer.

In an interview with UK charity news media, Anthony Rice quoted “We are working hard to transform this system into a fully automated process, by partnering with top universities in UK. It will be capable of sending a request for help to attending rescue officers, in case of an emergency.”

It uses pictorial guides to help users find a way in and out of the building with routes available to go anywhere in the building according to their physical capability, or in case of emergency, to find exit points along with floor arrows inserted into the pictures.

When fully developed, the app will be available and give instructions in multiple languages, and will be freely available to download. Users can also buy an enhanced version of the app if they want more features, with 100% of the purchase profit going directly to not-for-profit and charitable trusts, to support their daily running costs.

The application boasts a wide range of opportunities, including fire and rescue services, hotels, theme parks, universities, shopping malls, hospitals and airports etc. Once the plan is downloaded, the app can be used offline without the need for internet connection.

The campaign will be running until Thursday Oct 8th, 2015 with a target goal defined at £29,000, where backers are allowed to pledge starting from just $5. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers are offered a beach bracelet in a variety of colors, made of very strong parachute chord, with whistle buckle which can be used to attract the life guard, in case of an emergency.

To find out more about Evacu8me & DirectMii Directions app and crowd funding campaign, visit the official website and
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