Lee Mulcahy, PhD, Declares His Candidacy for Aspen School Board

Lee Mulcahy, PhD has announced his candidacy for the Aspen School Board. The former teacher is running for one of three seats in Pitkin County, located on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies.

Aspen, CO, August 21, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Longtime community leader and former teacher Lee Mulcahy is declaring his candidacy for the Aspen School Board. Mulcahy, a resident of Aspen since 1995, is seeking election to bring a conciliatory peaceful but firm voice to the board in these challenging times.

Mulcahy was an educator for 17 years, with both the University of Texas (teaching beginning French) and Aspen Skiing (teaching private clients all over the globe.) He's currently an artist and the general contractor on his home; furthermore, he volunteers at Habitat for the Humanity and Meals on Wheels.

"Aspen’s public school system is one of the best in both the state of Colorado and the entire nation," Mulcahy said. “I know that fact better than anyone as I’m a product of the public school system, a 2nd generation teacher, at both the University of Texas and Aspen Skiing. I take great pride in the fact that I’m an Eagle Scout, a Baylor Bear, a SMU Mustang, a Sorbonne graduate, a PhD but mainly just a plain common sense Texas maverick," Mulcahy stated.

“While Aspen has long maintained a tradition of excellence, there is always room for improvement. I strongly believe we must find more innovative ways for the administration to listen to both parents and teachers in the educational process. I think they have the greatest influence on our students’ success. However, the voice of teachers is often the most marginalized by the administration. Forming a more effective and inclusive coalition of parents, teachers, community volunteers, and local business leaders is key to realizing the greatest possible potential of individual students.” He then added, "I also believe that we need to be more open and honest with parents and teachers regarding some past practices. Sunshine and transparency are often the best disinfectants."

Mulcahy is a graduate of Baylor University. He obtained a masters at SMU, did post-graduate work at the Sorbonne and the Universidad de Salamanca before obtaining his PhD in humanities focusing on 19th century French art. Mulcahy served for eight years on the Board of Trustees for the Aspen Historical Society, and also served for three years on the Snowmass Village Arts advisory board.

"My Dad was the most honorable man I've ever known and he taught me the value of service and loving your fellow man. He came from a farm without running water; but my Mom's (a teacher) educational roots go back to founding of Baylor University in 1845 under the Republic of Texas." Previously Mulcahy applied twice for the Pitkin County Senior Services Committee, recently and in 2013 (the Committee has had four open alternate positions vacant for three years); however, he was rejected by the County politicians.

"I believe a leader must be a servant and I want to be the voice of the community on the board. Trust me--I know a thing or two about an administration that could improve their listening skills! I have raised over $2500 in pledges from diverse people."

Separately, the Mulcahy family has raised over $30,000 for more clean water wells in Kenya to honor the death of Bud Mulcahy. Mulcahy is leaving for Kenya in late September with his family and church members to take used laptops from the Roaring Fork valley and Dallas Fort Worth to the school named after his father in the Rift Valley. Therefore, the School District has kindly agreed to schedule the meet and greet with the candidates earlier in September.

Mulcahy plans to walk the small district. Mulcahy's points of emphasis during the campaign will include: a common sense approach to problems, a more hands-on role for school board members in supporting classroom teachers, more emphasis on studying our Bill of Rights, and ensuring that we prioritize school spending directly on students and classrooms, without raising taxes.

Mulcahy feels passionate about being a positive influence in the lives of the young people of Aspen. Aspen High School is recovering from a tumultuous period, one that was no fault of the students. He wants to ensure that the diverse student body of Aspen has an advocate in the school board’s deliberations to meet their current needs and their goals for the future.
Lee Mulcahy for Aspen School Board
Lee Mulcahy