Kickstarter Campaign Reboot for the Next Indie FPS Puzzle Platformer

Bootleg Systems Kickstarter Campaign features new trailer and demo for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Montreal, Canada, August 22, 2015 --( One week ago, Gabriel De Roy launched the campaign for Bootleg Systems on Kickstarter. The comments he received concerning the game graphics and overall looks were overwhelmingly positive. Something, however, was obvious: most people did not understand the powers of the Clone Gun.

Gabriel reacted quickly to the issue and began optimizing the demo he had already begun to design prior to the campaign launch. Starting today, everyone will have access to this demo (links on the Kickstarter page), which will allow players to try the Clone Gun and better understand the powers of this weapon. They encourage everyone to send them comments and publish videos of their personal experience with the demo.


Finally, the team has made the decision to improve the Kickstarter campaign video by selecting scenes that better describe Bootleg Systems, thus making the video a much more vivid experience for the watchers. This revised video will also highlight the original idea of the Clone Gun. Therefore, combined with the demo, the video will allow players to be fully immersed in a game that will steal the spotlights.

Media kit:
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