Travertine Locator Introduces New Color Line for Its Marble Tiles and Pavers

Tampa, FL, August 23, 2015 --( Travertine Locator, a specialty retailer of premium grade marble and travertine tiles and pavers, announced its introduction of a new color line called Diana Royal. The new shade is available in three of the company’s signature products, namely its French-pattern brushed and chiseled marble tiles, French-pattern tumbled marble pavers, and 6x12 tumbled marble pavers.

“Diana Royal is a luxurious blend of light to mid tones—a palette of rich ivory, tans, and medium browns that lend a sunlit glow,” explains company spokesman Eric Barthelemy. “It is ideal for renovating old rooms that need to be brightened up, as well as for building new, airy spaces.”

The color appears in both indoor tiles and outdoor pavers. This gives clients the option to extend the beauty of their interior flooring all the way to their al fresco entertaining spaces,creating one continuous look.

“Our Diana Royal marble tiles can breathe new life intodarkfoyers, datedkitchens, and gloomy bedrooms. For outdoor use, we offer Diana Royal tumbled marble pavers as well as 6x12 tumbled marble pavers. Pool copings can also be custom fabricated,” says Barthelemy.

Travertine Locator is known for its collection of durable, masterfully-crafted, and luxurioustravertine and marble floor tiles.

Travertine stones are made from the precipitation of calcium carbonate. This elegant building material—which lasts centuries—is porous and wicks water away. It also dissipates heat, making it ideal for areas like decks and patios where people walk barefooted. Marble, which is denser than travertine, is just as effective in wicking water away. Some of the most luxurious homes in the US today use marble pavers for decks and driveways.

Travertine Locatorcaters to owners, builders, and designers of upscale homes and commercial establishments. It sources its products from its own quarries in Turkey and Europe, and then brings them directly to consumers in the US without using middle men.

“We are dedicated to continually offering innovations to satisfy changing tastes and emerging trends. Our introduction of the new Diana Royal color line is a testament to that commitment,” says Barthelemy.

About Travertine Locator
The Travertine Locator website offers a full e-commerce experience, letting clients shop for pavers, tiles, pool coping, and accessories directly through the website. For questions or to seek expert advice, clients can leave a message on the website or talk to the company’s stone specialists by calling 1-866-852-6999 (toll free).

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