As Housing Market Cools, Realtors Looking to Accessories to Help Sell Homes

Realtors looking at accessories to sell homes in a cool market.

Prescott, AZ, December 07, 2007 --( With the cooling real estate market in most of the country, realtors are looking for ways to add appeal and value to homes that are not moving by adding functional accessories. president Rick Haralson said he "has seen a tremendous increase in inquiries and orders from real estate agents wanting to get the edge on home appeal for homes that are either sitting vacant or not peaking much interest."

"During the past 5-6 years, builders were putting up homes as fast as they could and installed basic kitchen cabinetry in most homes," Mr. Haralson said. These kitchen cabinets looked good on the outside, and that was all that was needed to sell the home. "Today's buyers seem to be looking at unique items that add function and value to a home now," Rick stated. makes custom made pull out shelves for kitchen and pantry cabinets and the agents are finding that potential buyers show a lot of interest in a home with pull out shelves. If you are a real estate agent showing homes, just about every kitchen that you show will have a sink, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and a garbage disposal. What else is there to point out to a potential buyer that they have not seen a variance of in the other homes they are looking at? Pull Out Shelves. have had agents tell them that they love to be able to open the doors on kitchen and pantry cabinets and show the potential buyer how great the pull out shelves look in the cabinets. They tell that when discussing homes the buyers have looked at, the home with the pull out shelves will always come into the conversation. It is something that sticks in a buyers mind that sets that home apart from the others.

Pull out shelves from are simple to install so there is not a big expense upgrading the kitchen. With the pull out shelves custom made by, they fit properly and look like they were originally part of the cabinet. To install the pull out shelves requires a screwdriver and about 5 minutes per shelf.

Real Estate agents and homeowners both benefit from products. From roll out trays to roll out spice racks and pull out trash and recycle bins, can supply accessories that make life easier.

"Who doesn't like things that make your home more functional and easier?" said Mr. Haralson. have never had a customer tell them that they look forward to getting down on their hands and knees to find that pot, pan or roaster that is hiding in the back of a base kitchen cabinet. And pantries usually contain multiple items since they are usually even deeper and contain more items, so after scanning the pantry shelves, the homeowner will purchase a duplicate item from the grocery store because they did not see that they already had it hiding in their pantry. Pull out pantry shelves eliminate this problem by letting that homeowner slide the pantry shelf out into full view, making it much easier to find things.

If you need more functionality in your own kitchen or if you are a real estate agent looking for something that helps to sell a home. Contact on the web or call 866-574-3583

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