Construction - OSHA Construction Basics for Any Jobsite - by Compliance Global Inc.

Webinar on OSHA construction will help attendees avoid safety issues, OSHA violation fines, and any potential threats at the jobsite. Real world examples of what to expect whenever possible.

New Hyde Park, NY, October 22, 2015 --( Overview: Avoid safety issues, and OSHA violation fines, and any potential threats where possible.

Why Should You Attend

Are you prepared, do you have a trained staff, what are you not aware of?
Does your staff know what to do when they are approached by an OSHA representative?
What documentation must be completed, up-to-date, and available to avoid fines?
What issues are auditors looking for?
What industries have the most amount of fines?
What parts of the country or states are most affected and/or fined?
What are your worker’s/employees’ workplace rights that must be adhered to?

Areas Covered in this Webinar

Real world examples of what to expect, and what to prepare for whenever possible. Not every organization is ready to avoid inspections or fines if they do not have senior staff in place, and/or if they have not been audited in the past.

How to train staff to have the correct documentation in place. Ensure that the organization keeps documentation updated and realistic. If an employee is nervous and informs the inspector/auditor wrong information, a strong documentation system will support all of the proper steps that are in place.

What to strive for and whom to ask for help and assistance is always important. If an employee does not know or is unsure of the answer, they need to be aware of whom they may contact, or where they can go for the applicable information. This is key to keep any mistakes to a minimum.

A strong understanding of interviews is important. Do not ramble about what an organization is doing right or wrong. Simply answer the questions, and provide the needed documentation as requested.

Is control in place to ensure that old documents are destroyed or taken out of service? This could be the difference between be in or out of compliance. Compliance isn’t just passing an audit, it is keeping employees and work areas safe for everyone. Especially for construction that directly affects or involves the public. These are daily if not hourly concerns that must be addressed and controlled.

Learning Objectives

A look at numerous areas of basic and fundamental construction where safety issues may and often occur:

Compliance to regulations and standards
Ongoing compliance
Worker/Employee rights
State Laws

Who Will Benefit

Safety Reps
Site Safety Managers
Project Managers



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