Medical Billing Company, Therapist Solutions Partners with Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist

Therapist Solutions, a medical billing and practice management company, partners with ASD Center for Therapeutic Services. With expertise and experience within the medical billing industry, Therapist Solutions will enhance revenue, reimbursement and practice management techniques for ASD, specializing in Autism Disorders. With these revenue cycle management improvements, ASD Center for Therapeutic Services plans to further develop treatment techniques and opportunities.

Stonington, CT, August 26, 2015 --( Chris Carlin, LCSW founder and director of ASD Center for Therapeutic Services is taking steps to further develop his innovative techniques in providing help for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. ASD Center for Therapeutic Services, a mental health practice with offices in Higganum and Madison Connecticut, has a philosophy that embodies their devotion to healing, “We help with the hurt and increase the hope.” Partnering with Therapist Solutions, a medical billing and practice management company out of Stonington, CT, ASD Center for Therapeutic Services now has the capacity to grow.

Utilizing Therapist Solutions’ personalized billing and practice management services, ASD will receive fast reimbursement, enhance revenue cycle and gain the ability to focus on what they do best: client care. With experience and commitment to the mental health industry, Therapist Solutions will adapt to every change necessary for ASD, its founder and supporting clinicians. By streamlining reimbursement and revenue, with the support of Therapist Solutions, ASD will develop the overhead to expand their client base and services while bringing on the region’s most effective clinicians.

With over 50 years combined experience in the treatment of anxiety and depression, ADHD, substance abuse and many other mental health disorders, this team of professionals is powered by their desire to heal our community. Furthermore, by providing a retreat for children, adolescents and young adults, ASD Center for Therapeutic Services uses their diagnostic interview to decide the best form of therapy. From Art Therapy and Reiki to Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ASD leads the mental health industry in healing through a multitude of modalities.

Currently in the process of developing a platform in which he can extend his care to students away at college, Carlin and a parent of one of his clients will soon be able to increase support for the many college students struggling with an Autism Disorder. “As the students coach, I can use these tools to make sure the student is on task and actually following through with what has been set up for them to do weekly.” With his increased revenue from the help of Therapist Solutions, Carlin plans to further develop this tool.

“The kind of help that ASD Center for Therapeutic Services provides is a great benefit to our community. However that is not all we do. We work with family issues, substance abuse, depression and anxiety both for adults and adolescents, identity issues, adoption and many more comorbid issues. Ultimately here at ASD Center for Therapeutic Support we want to help with the hurt and increase the hope!”

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Therapist Solutions is dedicated to providing services to mental health clinicians and their practices. Specializing in medical billing and practice management, Therapist Solutions’ innovation approach to billing streamlines the efficiency of mental health practices nation wide. Therapist Solutions is the market-leading full service solution to revenue cycle management. With passion and experience, Therapist Solutions allows mental health clinicians the ability to focus on what is most important: their clients.
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