Off-Broadway Solo Show Star and Prodigal Daughter Sherry Glaser Returns to New York Theater with Serious Comedies “Oh My Goddess!” and “Taking the High Road” 9/18 & 9/19

Battle scarred but unbroken, Sherry Glaser - whose “Family Secrets” holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in Off-Broadway history - returns to New York theater stages with “Oh My Goddess!” at the United Solo Festival Friday, Sept. 18. The next night she performs her very personal “Taking The High Road: Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain” at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory as a benefit for Drug Policy Alliance, Saturday, Sept. 19.

New York, NY, August 26, 2015 --( “All day long it’s ‘God this’ and ‘God that’…It’s all about The Father,” says Sherry Glaser, star of the one-woman show, “Oh My Goddess: A Comedy of Biblical Proportions.” “Well, what about The Mother? How would our world be different if that Feminine Nurturing Power was as revered and acknowledged as Masculine Force?” Glaser’s show, which answers that question while asking others, is slated to descend upon New York at the United Solo Festival (USF) Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 p.m. for one performance only.

Sherry Glaser’s award-winning multiple-character “Family Secrets” took Off-Broadway by storm in 1995 and still holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in its history.

“When we closed ‘Family Secrets,’ my husband Greg Howells and I moved to Northern California with our two young children,” says Glaser. “Greg had been very involved in the creation of that show and he also directed it for the New York stage.”

Together they birthed a new show which brings back God’s Better Half - “the Jewish Mother of us all”—who wakes up after a 5,000 year nap to check on her children. Directed by Howells, the show ran previews in Los Angeles as “The Second Coming,” as well as in Northern California. Positive response was so strong they again found themselves on the brink of taking a show to New York.

Could history repeat itself?

“Then Greg vanished into thin air,” Glaser says. “In the middle of previews. And I fell apart.” Her devastation brought all the theater plans to a crashing halt.

Flash Forward 20 years later.

“I’m going home for the holidays,” jokes Glaser, referring to the High Holy Days in September that will be celebrated while she is in the Big Apple with not one, but two shows; and the native New Yorker will set foot once again on New York stages to share her special brand of grist from the Glaser Mill.

The day after the USF performance, Glaser launches her hilariously cathartic “Taking the High Road: Comic Confessions from behind the Cannabis Curtain” Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, as a one-night-only benefit for Drug Policy Alliance.

“The shows will fall right between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur,” Glaser says. “And here comes the Great Jewish Mother—Ma—bringing comfort and joy. Like Santa Claus.”

“Oh My Goddess!” features Miguel De Cervantes who is truly bummed after learning from a psychic that he has been a waiter in all his lifetimes. But wait, there’s some Good News…soon after, Miguel finds himself chosen to channel the Goddess, Ma.

“Why me?” Miguel shrugs. “Everybody else was busy.”

The show has been tweaked with the fresh eyes of director Ricci Dedola who has been instrumental in assisting Glaser to deepen specific moments: “Sherry hits first and foremost emotionally,” says Dedola. “I cry as she cries.”

Together, they have brought the Goddess into 2015. “When the Buddhist Temple in Bangkok was recently bombed, Sherry was almost sick with worry for her daughter who is living there,” Dedola says. “We’ve incorporated that into the show as it conveys the depth of the Universal Mother’s feelings for her Children.”

And what happened to Greg Howells? His disappearance remains an unsolved mystery.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it,” says Glaser. “But throughout much of this sudden movement forward with the show and the various ‘angels’ who have stepped forward to help, I feel as though he’s right next to me. Winking.”

Praise for Sherry Glaser:

“Mother Earth, aka comic genius Sherry Glaser, wags her finger lamenting, 'What have we done to the Earth?' and slowly pulls a plastic bag out of her mouth, proving her point." -Toke of the Town Blog

"(Oh My Goddess) uses Glaser’s experience allegorically, as a springboard into the Universal. It's also a humorous forum for her progressive world view.” -L.A. Times

"Sherry Glaser is a supremely gifted and inventive performer. Devilishly clever, continually funny, touching, and politically perceptive. She gives great theater." -Michael Parenti, Author and Political Scientist

“Oh My Goddess”
Performer/Writer: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 p.m.
2015 United Solo Festival
410 West 42nd Street (Theatre Row), NYC
Theater Row Box Office or via (212-239-6200)
$19.25 ($1.25 theatre restoration charge included)

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