New Indie Label Wants to FLIP the Music Industry

FLIP the Industry is a new Indie Label and Studio located in Montreal, Quebec, dedicated to helping emerging musical talent and making the music industry a friendlier place by bringing professional level recording, production, and guidance, within the reach of the less initiated, and less privileged.

Montreal, Canada, August 26, 2015 --( Ever heard someone say “the music industry’s a friendly and welcoming place”?

Didn’t think so… and that’s why Benjy Sherer (once dubbed ‘the inspector gadget of the music industry’) created the new Montreal Label and Studio ‘FLIP the Industry’; dedicated to making music a warmer place for emerging talent by bringing professional level recording, production, and guidance within the reach of the less initiated, and less privileged.

There is a sense of elitism and laziness among initiated musicians that wreaks havoc on the psyches, and bank accounts, of fresh bands. Many work for years without even a product to show for it, because by the time they’ve finished just tracking a record, they’ve been bankrupted and disillusioned by pay to play gigs, scams perpetrated by sham ‘Battles of the Bands’, producers, or studios that manage to keep overcharging by maintaining a mystique about their craft and gear, then rushing them out the door when they run out of money.

Benjy stands out in this crowded scene as one of few who believe that it takes a long time, and years of hard work, to get to where he wants to be, and won’t compromise his morals and values to get there. The FLIP studio - designed and built entirely by his own two hands over 6 months - is a true testament to Benjy’s passion, dedication, and commitment, and is nothing short of inspiring.

In the short year since FLIP’s inception (upon which he abandoned his 3rd year of law school) Benjy has booked gigs for 5 different bands, organized and ran 4 independent events plus a series of 8 weekly events at a local café & restaurant, recorded and produced 3 EP’s and various singles, sponsored 2 local festivals, and given away over 25 days of free recording, all while doing the promotion, photos, videos, web and visual designs, construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of what was a live stage - and is now part of the FLIP Studio – essentially on his own.

With the new studio up and running, Benjy is pushing harder than ever to carve out a reputation of trustworthiness in an over-saturated market, but that’s like trying to pick up a girl at a bar; with so many sleazebags out there, it’s impossible to take the genuine ones seriously, and people are only impressed by flash and money, not value.

FLIP is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help upgrade the Studio, and Benjy is anxious to spread his ideology, message, and plenty of great music, as far as possible. FLIP can be found online at, or on Facebook and Twitter, and Benjy is always happy to answer questions personally, and talk about his cause.

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