Kathleen Kirsan Releases New Book Sharing Her Enthusiasm for North American Thoroughbreds, Their Enduring Legacy

Fans and breeders of horse racing and Olympic style sport can learn more about the North American Thoroughbred in this new book from an author who is passionate on the topic. Dog Ear Publishing reviews her latest book, which focuses on the history of the breed, one of its top stallions and the science behind North American Thoroughbred breeding.

Lincoln, CA, August 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- If you could image a horse running a race at top speed 10 times the distance that our hero Secretariat did in the 1973 Belmont, and still break speed records, then you would have a good idea of the quality of our racehorse of the 1800s when heat racing was the standard performance test. Author Kathleen Kirsan shows us that the genetics of those supreme athletes is not lost and how to bring it back to our herds today. In her new book about North American sport horses, released by Dog Ear Publishing, Kirsan provides a reference for sport horse breeders in North America brought alive with the story of Lexington RH, one of the greatest racehorses and the most influential stallion there ever was, holding a world breeding record that has never been bettered during the last 150 years.

“Legacy of Lexington” begins with the story of the impact North American racehorses made in England, Ireland, France and through there to the rest of Europe in the late 19th century. It was when traveling abroad to compete with the foreign racers that the American horses delivered a display of racing superiority so definitive it led the British Jockey Club to ban the American Thoroughbred from the breed studbook and from breeding worldwide.

This regulation, commonly called the Jersey Act, lasted for almost 40 years and had long-reaching penalties experienced by both groups. It was intended as a vehicle to eliminate the breed from the international market and destroy the new American Thoroughbred as competition; however, in the end it was the catalyst for the unplanned consequence of making the dreaded American bloodlines more potent.

Through the isolation this act imposed on the American Thoroughbred, racehorse breeders were forced to breed back to the American bloodlines more than they would have normally. The result of this incest was that the very talents the British were trying to extinguish became dominant in our breed instead of the English-developed lines, thereby turning the American Thoroughbred into the most valued and unique Thoroughbred population in the world by the end of the act – and it still is today.

The quality of Lexington RH is unquestionable as he set a world record for the fastest four-mile heat race and was top sire for 16 years. He and his peer’s genetic legacy still resonate in the industry today, and Kirsan illustrates how we can easily recapture the speed, soundness, stamina and overall athleticism of our previous breed of super horses in our modern-day sport horse populations.

She identifies the bloodlines that carry concentrations of these genes in the domestic breeds and the “hidden” American bloodlines found in thoroughbreds and sport horses around the world. She also provides detailed information on how breeders can apply Tesio Methods to build up their sport horse stock, with jumping and dressage lines identified as well as those that benefit racing. Extensive pedigree charts and appendices provide additional references for those who want to learn more.

Author Kathleen Kirsan has been writing about sport horse breeding since 2003 and been involved in the industry since 1988. She is a leader in pedigree evaluation and using Tesio Methods in breeding sport horses, and breeders and breed associations frequently call on Kirsan for her knowledge of bloodlines and equine history. She runs a website, www.sport-horse-breeder.com and is a prolific author of Web articles and been published in magazines and trade journals. She also wrote the book “North American Sport Horse Breeder.”

For additional information, please visit www.legacyoflexington.com

Legacy of Lexington
Kathleen Kirsan
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4073-8 532 pages $59.00 US

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