HQ98 Says Two-Way Radios Keep Wedding Staff Connected, Events on Time

A growing trend in the wedding and event industries is the use of two-way radios to keep staff and vendors connected.

Scottsdale, AZ, August 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- When wedding or special event companies have multiple or large events happening at their venues, how do they keep everything coordinated?

A growing trend in this industry is the use of two-way radios, says Dave McClintic, director of sales for HQ98. “Some of the products trending in this industry are the Motorola low-profile systems (CLP 1010/1040 and 1060) with one, four or six channels and headsets; Motorola (CLS1110 or CLS 1410) radios with a variety of optional headsets; and Kenwood (PKT23) systems with four channels, 1.5 radios and a variety of optional headsets.

“Wedding planners and event coordinators have found these systems to be indispensable and use them to coordinate with vendors such as parking valets, caterers, musicians, DJs, venue/hotel management and others,” McClintic adds.

One of HQ98’s long-time clients is Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens, a large wedding and event venue north of San Diego. “We started using walkie-talkie technology in the early 1990s and now use a product from Kenwood, a two-way radio system with 16 channels and headsets,” explains Don B. McDougal, President/CEO. “Using this new system keeps us more organized, takes out the guess work of timing, reduces running around, and helps ensure that all of our events are perfectly choreographed.

“On any day, we could have two large weddings on our property or one of our large, 3,000-attendee signature events so coordination among all of our staff is critical,” McDougal explains. “Walkie-talkies were great when they first came out but sometimes information could be overheard that should have been private. The headsets with our new Kenwood system are quiet and keep details confidential as needed.”

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Laurie Anderson