NYC Theatre Debut: Sherry Glaser’s Herbal Comedy “Taking The High Road-Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain” - Drug Policy Alliance Benefit 9/19

New York, NY, August 27, 2015 --( NYC Theatre Debut:
“Taking the High Road (Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain)”
Performance Artist: Sherry Glaser
Director: Ricci Dedola
Producer: Love In It Productions
For mature audiences.
Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m.
The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory
104 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
(Do not call the theater)

Tickets: $25.00
Order from Ovation
Show Info: (562) 882-7709
Proceeds go to benefit Compassionate Care (

When Life gives you Feds busting down your door, arresting you and your family, seizing your assets - all because of an herbal plant - if your name is Sherry Glaser, you will make Comedy.

On Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m., Glaser - whose award-winning “Family Secrets” holds the title of the longest running one-woman show in Off-Broadway history - will perform her solo show “Taking The High Road: Comic Confessions From Behind The Cannabis Curtain” at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in New York, as a benefit for non-profit Drug Policy Alliance’s Compassionate Care NY project.

"Glaser's ability to breathe life into her characters allowed the audience to journey with her as she morphed from person to person."-Cannabis Now Magazine

The show’s first act features such well-meaning characters as Rose Fisher, an 80-year old Jewish lady who convinces a doctor to write a prescription for medical marijuana for her cancer-ridden husband and herself (“For my PMS…Post Menopausal Syndrome…It’s forever!”). Rose embarks on a bittersweet journey from Brooklyn to a New Jersey dispensary (“I’ll have the vanilla kush with sprinkles”), and ends up on a New York subway in handcuffs after a cop spots her pot.

"Sherry Glaser is a supremely gifted and inventive performer. Devilishly clever, continually funny, touching, and politically perceptive. She gives great theater." -Michael Parenti, Author and Political Scientist

In the second act, Glaser “comes out” as herself with her own truths about her experiences as a “potwife” who faced multiple challenges, not the least of which was the Spring 2014 multi-agency raid, targeting Glaser who is the Executive Director of the Mendocino pot co-op, Love In It.

“Act Two is about the Power of Catharsis,” says Glaser. “I deal directly with the raid, and other terrible disasters like my Gay Divorce being final three days after the Supreme Court decided to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states. I’ve decided to take the ‘High Road’—which to me means choosing a path that does no harm to yourself or anyone else.”

The grist in the Glaser Mill continues to grind. She is currently writing a novel entitled “The Secret Life of the Potwife.”

“When people think about pot, they imagine a bad-a** ‘grower’ tending to the big buds, but the reality is that these growers have families,” she says. “Potwives are the backbone of the industry, but get no credit, and live secret lives in fear of raids, arrests, asset forfeiture and even losing their kids.”

Glaser explains that each of her characters has a definite, yet surprising, relationship to marijuana: “So the show can appeal not only to hipsters, but also patients facing life threatening diseases, and anyone struggling with mental health in a world gone mad.”

“We welcome Sherry Glaser and her groundbreaking show,” says Clovis Thorn, Drug Policy Alliance’s Managing Director of Development. “Our Compassionate Care NY campaign would not happen without supporters like Sherry.”

Compassionate Care NY is an alliance of patients, providers and organizations working to relieve the suffering of seriously ill New Yorkers by establishing a carefully regulated medical marijuana program in New York.

"Sherry dives into everyday life and lifts you into the realm of joyous, belly-splitting laughter… The progressive movement has found their comedic muse and she rocks!" -Paul Hawken, National Capital Institute

Video Clip – Rose Fisher:

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Publicist: Marlan Warren
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Marlan Warren
Marlan Warren is the publicist for Love In It Prods. & Sherry Glaser.