Antiquities Giftshop Yields Increased Gross Sales with Marketing Campaign

For more than 20 years, Antiquities Giftshop has been sourcing and selling antique jewellery, both online and through mail order. In the modern world of advertising the company has been using up to date advertising techniques to ensure more sales.

London, United Kingdom, August 27, 2015 --( Product bundling is a technique that companies use where they combine two or more products or services together, creating differentiation, greater value and therefore enhancing the offering to the customer. Bundling is based on the idea that consumers value the grouped package more than the individual items. It is attractive to companies, for example by increasing efficiencies, such as reducing marketing and distribution costs.

Antiquities Giftshop is continuously sourcing new ancient jewellery and artefacts to make available to its base of customers and also hopes to attract new customers with offers. The company has been marketing a bundling offer by reducing prices on all of its Gold jewellery, which includes items such as a Roman gold earring, Roman, Egyptian and Greek rings, pendants and crosses. The company has then also offered customers the chance to purchase their first sale product, after which they receive a 10% discount on their second purchase.

William Alleman, the company's Sales Manager said: "We are continuously looking for ways to market our artefacts and jewellery and we have to look at modern advertising strategies to stay ahead of our competitors. We have been in the antiquities business for 21 years now and we have the expertise and contacts all around the world helping up to locate many wonderful pieces of jewellery. We have increased our sales during this period of advertising and are very happy with the strategy we have used.”

Antiquities Giftshop sells genuine antique jewellery with free shipping worldwide. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is professionally cleaned by the company’s experts.

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