Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd. to Introduce the Latest Technology in Construction & Infrastructure Development in India

Mumbai, India, August 28, 2015 --( India is a developing country and is indeed making conscious and honest efforts to make it the most infrastructural developed country in the world. The government of India has been trying hard to build such structures which would complement the world wide infrastructure. The major constructions that reflect the infrastructural development of a country are its dams, roads, railways, bridges, buildings and sanitation. The expansive industry is equally responsible for providing great employment opportunities to skilled and unskilled labor. Government is managing this vast network with the help of many private and public contractors, suppliers and engineers.

Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd. is one such infrastructure development company in India that deals in construction business. The company is not only dedicated to building structures but also provide environment friendly alternatives to promote ‘GREEN’ construction. The company is a unique combination of labor, technicians and technology. Mr. Himanshu Verma, the Founder and MD of the company say that he believes in adapting to change and is always ready to welcome new technology and techniques to boost the quality of construction. His is a company that is responsible for building over 1,00,000 Eco-friendly affordable housing societies for economically weaker sections of the society in the state of Punjab.

The company employs latest techniques like Right Concrete Discharge System for every precast concrete part, High Frequency Vibration Station with magnetic clamping, mobile Battery Mould, Permanent Adhesive Magnets, Fully Automated Concrete Spreading System, Universal Shuttering Systems and much more such techniques are used to provide utmost quality construction to the public. With in-house team of highly trained professionals, inclusive but not limited Architects, Interior Decorators, Structural Engineers and Technical Staff, the company has the capability to execute project which are harmonious and sustainable with the environment.

The company and the state government are working together to make Punjab the most infrastructure wise developed state of the country. Building roads, footpaths, pavements, water supplies, sanitation, parks, parking etc. is the main focus of the company along with providing quality homes using environment friendly cement.

It is worth mentioning here that over the last few years the economy of India has witnessed immense progress and development in both the construction and infrastructure sectors of the country. According to the economical standards the industry alone accounts to 8% growth in GDP of the country.
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