Medical Device Clinical Trials CEO Conference: Registration Still Available

Uncovering the Best Practices in Completing Studies On-Time & On-Budget, Securing Regulatory Approval, and Opportunities in Working with Venture Capital Teams to Secure Funding.

Palo Alto, CA, December 08, 2007 --( Palto Alto, California
March 10-11th, 2008

The Medical Device Clinical Trials CEO conference will be dedicated to and focused on, providing strategic information to Medical Device Executives related to the completion of clinical research studies on-time and within budget parameters for start-up to medium sized corporations.

Through focusing specifically upon the topics and challenges directly impacting these organizations, executives will have the opportunity to walk away with tangible solutions to the obstacles preventing them from completing their trials on schedule.

It is a known fact to both device executives as well as venture capital firms that clinical research is the most expensive stage of a medical device companies’ growth and development.

During this stage, organizations are often burning through enormous amounts of funding, and in the end, find themselves short of the capital required to finish their studies and secure regulatory approval.

These clinical studies are often delayed due to shortfalls in subject recruitment, proper site management, as well as not meeting difficult protocols from the FDA. This conference program will address these, and other important topics.

At executive level, the best way to learn and be introduced to new ideas and solutions is from trusted peers in a highly participatory environment, not from stand alone presentations or mass produced literature.

This program will be a highly interactive forum where executives from a wide range of small to medium sized medical device companies will gather together to discuss methods for completing clinical studies on schedule.

This event will be comprised of a select assembly of CEO's and CMO's from start-up to medium sized medical device companies.

Key sessions Include

Best Practices in Clinical Efficiency: Lower Operational Costs, Faster Time to Approval

Frank Fischer
Founder & CEO

Reducing Burn Rates Throughout Clinical Research

Augustine Lien, PhD
Founder & CEO
Cardiva Medical

Recognizing the Impact of Clinical Research on Reimbursement, Coverage & Commercialization

Charles Carignan
Chief Medical Officer
Novasys Medical

Sponsors Include

Clinical Resource Network

Media Partners Include

The Gray Sheet
Medical Device Network

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