ChartaCloud Announces Technology Symposium

Featuring The introduction of “MEDi,” the Humanoid Robot for Pediatric, Medical, and Dental Care; “NAO,” the STEM Robot Transforming Education for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; And The Impact of Predictive Analytics Solutions known as “Big Data”

Portsmouth, NH, August 28, 2015 --( ChartaCloud Technologies (“ChartaCloud”) will host its next technology symposium on Wednesday, September 16th at The One Hundred Club in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

A continuation of ChartaCloud’s “Tomorrow’s Technologies Today” series, the Fall Symposium, titled “Humanoid Robots and Predicting the Future,” will provide business executives, healthcare professionals, community leaders, and educators the opportunity to receive first hand expert briefings and hands-on access to technologies transforming their industries.

“The pace of technological advancement continues at a staggering pace for both robotics and predictive analytics solutions. We are seeing transformative results from these technologies in many sectors, especially in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and education,” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, ChartaCloud. “The business opportunities from these applications are actionable, cost-effective, and in use in a variety of markets.”

Noting that these technologies can be utilized for “remarkable insights to enhance performance,” ChartaCloud COO Rob Schimmel said the symposium’s agenda directly responds to specific needs expressed by their customers and others.

“From the practical use of big data for any-size business to robotics in hospitals or in the classroom, this symposium is geared to educate business and community leaders on the availability of and results delivered by these leading edge solutions,” he said.

The Fall Symposium will take place from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm followed by a live robot interaction and technology open house from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Specific agenda items include the following:

1. Humanoid Robots: How Will They Impact Our Community? How Robotics Advances Can Support Our Children and Help Care for an Aging Population.

2. Predictive Analytics: Can You Predict the Future? How Organizations Can Benefit from ‘Big Data’ for Practical Use at Reasonable Cost.

3. Interactive Technology ‘Open-House’ featuring live robot interaction and predictive analytics modeling.

Seating is limited. For additional information and to reserve a seat at the Symposium, please contact ChartaCloud at (603) 580-1088 or

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