Webbifi Creates Investigation Management System for Centennial Investigations

New application gives Centennial Investigations full control over client information, investigation management and reporting

Atlanta, GA, December 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Webbifi, a national IT consulting and technology services company, has completed the development of a new web-based investigation management system for Centennial Investigations, a full-service investigative agency specializing in the detection and investigation of insurance fraud. The Case Management System (CMS), as Centennial Investigations calls it, is a unique online investigation tool accommodating complete communication and synchronization from the client to every aspect of a case.

The case management system gives Centennial Investigations’ clients, investigators and employees the ability to track the finite details of any investigation including photos, videos and files related to the case. The administration module allows case managers to administrate client and investigator information as well as important look ups for the application. Other notable features are its automated, asynchronous execution; flexible abstraction, allowing data import and export in many external environment formats; and multi-associative file attachment storage and pinning. The system, built on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005, using Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft C#, and the .NET 2.0 framework, is completely custom designed from the ground up. At its heart is Adaptive Context Technology, which can handle the distinct processes, terminology, and data-tracking needs of any investigation.

“As a professional in the investigation industry; I have never seen, much less used an application with the kind of power, flexibility, and visibility into our clients’ cases that our new CMS has given me. Webbifi has proven to be a true partner, exceeding my expectations, by building this robust application,” said Brad Dalhover, Owner of Centennial Investigations, “Webbifi was able to translate our desires into the technology we need to run our business and manage our clients. When combined with the state-of-the-art business intelligence tools also available to us with this application, we have an industry leading advantage with technology that delivers unmatched results to our firm and that of our clients.”

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