www.cleure.com Releases New E-Book on Product Label Wisdom

Cleure founder and president, Dr. Flora Stay says “Informed consumers make wise buying choices”. Many people don’t realize product labels may say one thing, but mean another. The free new e-book on www.cleure.com , Product Labels: a cautionary tale, breaks down the label code and is available to download on the Cleure website.

Camarillo, CA, December 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Understanding and deciphering product labels is important for your health. Cleure (the name is a fusion of clean and pure) is offering a free e-book on their website (www.cleure.com), called Product Labels: a cautionary tale. “The e-book is very simple to understand and explains hidden things to look for to give you the full picture for any product,” explains Dr. Stay the author of the e-book and founder of Cleure. She goes on to say, “Being on faculty at U.S.C. School of Dentistry makes education part of what I love and what I do. I knew I had to write the e-book when I found out just because a label reads ‘0%’ trans fats, does not mean it has that amount. We’re on our own and must take responsibility for our health, and understanding and reading labels is one important way to take control of our health.”

Cleure’s tag line is A Wellness Revolution. They formulate and sell personal care and cosmetic products. “We have incorporated sales with education through our unique business model of the traditional home based “party plan” with a twist.” Dr. Stay goes on to explain, “Through Health & Beauty Workshops, we help consumers become wise shoppers. We help them understand that the skin and the mouth are two of the fastest ways of absorbing anything into the body. At Cleure, our focus is on safer health and beauty products for the whole family. The e-book further helps towards that end.”

What is unique about the e-book offered by Cleure is that it even has recipes on how to make your own household products using safe ingredients available to everyone. It also helps the reader know more about the role of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and what products they do or don’t regulate. The e-book goes over the history of the FDA and why manufacturers are left to police themselves. The e-book is helpful for anyone who doesn’t pick products based on pretty packaging or what the advertisers tell them. However, it’s so easy to understand, even those that don’t care what’s in a product, should read it just so they know the facts.

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